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Bishop Edward Ozorowski
To Whom Does She Belong?
pp. 80, price 7$

“Especially beautiful” writes Bishop Edward Ozorowski of Holy Mary. Throughout his slim, easy-to read volume, our author paints a multi-sided and lovely portrait of Mary. We are led to see the truths of Mary unfold as woman, virgin, chosen, Immaculate, Mother of God, companion on faith’s road and educator. Each vignette presents cogent insight, memorable scripture passages and elegant sightings all of which attest to Mary as the “star showing the way for pilgrims”.

Bishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, M.Sp.S.

Archbishop Stanislaw Szymecki
Dives in Misericordia
Reflections on the Encyclical Letter of Pope John Paul II

pp. 72, price 5$

Holy Father John Paul II in his teachings and documents imparted the truth of Divine Mercy. The Encyclical Letter “Dives in Misericordia” became a fundament of the church’s teachings that nothing is more important for man than God’s Mercy. In the Encyclical Letter we read the text that applies to every Christian. “Believing in the crucified Son means “seeing the Father”, means believing that love is present in the world and that this love is more powerful than any kind of evil in which individuals, humanity, or the world are involved. Believing in this love means believing in mercy” (DM 7).

Bishop Edward Ozorowski
Dialogues on Divine Mercy

pp. 104, price 9$

Parishioners from Christ the King Church in Los Angeles, United States, together with their Pastor Reverend Antonio Cacciapuoti, sent to His Excellency Bishop Edward Ozorowski from Bialystok, a series of questions on the truth of Divine Mercy and its application to daily life. His Excellency, who has been teaching Theology since 1970 in the Universities of Warsaw and Bialystok, is certainly an adequate and competent person to give the correct answers to these questions. We must note that the questions are of such profound significance that they reflect everybody's thoughts. "Dialogues on Divine Mercy" can be a guide to all who believe in God and look upon Him as an important guide to their daily life.

I wish you all a fruitful reading.

Fr. Zenon Jarzabek - Vatican

Obispo Edward Ozorowski
Dialogos en Misericordia Divina

pp. 104, price 9$

Los fieles de la parroqia de Cristo El Rey en Los Angeles, Estados Unidos, juntamente con su párroco Reve­rendo Antonio Cacciapuoti, mandaron a Su Excelencia Obispo Edward Ozorowski en Bialystok, una serie de preguntas acerca de la verdad de la Misericordia Divina y su aplicación a la vida cotidiana. Su Excelencia quien enseña Teología desde el año 1970 en las Universidades de Varsovia y de Biaystok, es ciertamente una persona adecuada y competente para dar las respuestas correctas a estas preguntas. Se debe notar que las preguntas son de tan profunda resonancia que reflejan el pensar de todos los demas. „Diálogos en la Divina Misericordia” puede servir como una guía para todos aquellos que creen en Dios y buscan en El una guía importante para su vida cotidiana. Les deseo a todos una buena lectura.

Padre Zenon Jarzabek - Vaticano

Bp Edward Ozorowski
Dialogi o Bozym Milosierdziu

pp. 104, price 9$

Wierni z parafii Chrystusa Krola w Los Angeles (USA) z ich proboszczem ks. Antonio Cacciapuoti wyslali do bp. Edwarda Ozorowskiego w Bialymstoku szereg pytan, dotyczacych prawdy o Bozym Milosierdziu i o Jego przejawach w zyciu ludzi. On bowiem, uczac teologii od 1970 roku, i bedac profesorem uniwersytetow w Warszawie i w Bialymstoku, jest jak najbardziej kompetentny do udzielenia na nie odpowiedzi. Pytania te zreszta sa tak zasadnicze, ze znajduja odbicie u innych ludzi. Dialogi o Bozym Milosierdziu moga byc przewodnikiem dla wszystkich, ktorzy wierza w Boga i chca miec w Nim mocny grunt do swego codziennego zycia.

Zycze czytelnikom owocnej lektury.

Ks. Zenon Jarzabek - Watykan

Bishop Edward Ozorowski
Is there a need to talk about God's Mercy these days?

English-Spanish-Polish, pp. 52, price 5$

After the publication of the book “Dialogues on Divine Mercy” the readers from Los Angeles raised one more question: Is there a need to talk about God’s Mercy these days?

Bishop Edward Ozorowski, who was planning to go to the USA for the promotion of the book, prepared a comprehensive lecture – as an answer to this question.

Ewa Bobowska